Are You Confused About Cooking Oils?



Cooking Oils seem to be an ever changing debate.

We had it drilled into our heads that we should all avoid lard, butter and saturated fats.

But are vegetable oils any better?

New research says that vegetable oils may actually be contributing to the diseases they were meant to prevent.

And what about cooking with oil? What oils are ok to heat and what oils should NEVER be heated?

Many of the so-called 'healthy' oils are really bad for our health, and many of those oils and fats we were told to avoid may actually be good for us.

My good friend and fitness and nutrition expert, Mike Geary has an excellent article on oils that I wanted to share with you. In it, he clears up some of the confusion on which oils are good for us and which ones are bad for us.

You may be in for a surprise!

Check it out here:

7 thoughts on “Are You Confused About Cooking Oils?”

  1. Cat I am wanting more info on avocado, walnut and sesame organic, cold pressed unrefined oils for use in making mayo, salad dressings and cooking (avocado).  Thanks for your time and input.  Nanci

  2. Thanks for the easy to understand info on a confusing subject! I recently heard that grapeseed oil is supposed to be good for you (it was said to be comparable to extra virgin olive oil), but I see here it isn't good for cooking, so now I'm wondering… is it a good choice for low temp cooking or in things that aren't being cooked or should it be avoided? Thank you!

  3. I have often just felt that butter was better, glad to see why in the article and that I am not to far off using Virgin Olive Oil.  One of these days I will try Coconut oil as well.

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