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Whether you need to lose weight, optimize your health, prevent diabetes, or look and feel younger, Cat’s Kitchen has a diet and program just for you!  Expertly planned meal plans, recipes, and health advice will get you on track to lose weight, feel great, and live the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

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CatEbeling1_croppedCatherine Ebeling, RN BSN (soon to be MSN/MPH)
Hi, I’m Cat Ebeling. I am a Diet, Health, and Environmental Activist. I am an author of 6 books, and am working on my Masters in Nursing and in Public Health. I care about YOU and want you to have your best, healthiest life! To that end, I have studied diets, nutrition and food allergies for the past 30 years! I wasn’t always the picture of health- I suffer from a multiple food allergies, and had rashes, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety/depression, acne, arthritis, and digestive issues. Now I have the answers, and my health and energy are better than ever–and yours can be too!
Read more about Cat here.
P.S. I have three grown kids, am in my 50’s, and if I can do this, you can too!

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