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Hello Everyone! I am Catherine (Cat) Ebeling. I have a Masters  of Science in Public Health Nursing and I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years–as well I have been studying diet, nutrition and health for the past 25 years! I want to help you find answers to your chronic health issues. I care. I’ve been there.

I have had a life-long fascination with diet, fitness and nutrition that actually started while I was still in high school, when I started reading books by the world-famous nutritionist, Adele Davis. I realized that we, as humans, have the ultimate power over our bodies and our health by what we put into them.

From there, I devoured as many books on diet and nutrition as I possibly could, and finally realized that I wanted to go back to school to learn more about human biology, nutrition, health and disease, so I got a four-year degree in nursing from a major medical school. It was there that I began to put 2+2 together and realized that so many diseases stem simply from poor nutrition, and that changing our diets can have serious positive impacts on our health—including many so-called ‘incurable’ diseases.

I also have discovered over the years that I have a food allergies and sensitivities and realized that eliminating those offending foods got rid of a lot of inflammation and nagging health issues that seemed to have no cause.

My diet has run the gamut from omnivore, to strict vegan, to low-fat/high carb, to Paleo/keto. I have found that eliminating most grains, dairy, sugar, vegetable oils, and processed foods from my diet has made a world of difference, and has increased my energy and mental outlook, and allowed me to eat what I want without ever feeling deprived or hungry.

As a lifelong athlete, I have always been interested in how to optimize my physical fitness and performance. Sticking to a strict Paleo/keto diet allowed me to make massive gains in my physical ability—even at the age of 50-plus!! I have been a runner/sprinter, gymnast, weight lifter, and most recently (starting at the ripe old age of 50), an elite level bike racer. I have successfully raced and won against women who were half my age—or less—all the way up to the National level!

Now at 59 years old with three grown children, I remain fit, healthy and full of energy. My boyfriend and I travel the world and have adventures I used to only dream of!

Here’s a few of the amazing things I have had the good fortune to experience because I am healthy and fit:


Dangerous Class 4 and 5 white water rafting in Peru, Costa Rica, Nepal (one of the top 10 most dangerous rapids in the world), Ecuador, New Zealand, Scotland, Utah and Colorado.

Exploring the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua;  landing at the world’s most dangerous airport perched on the side of a cliff in Lukla, Nepal to hike the high altitudes of the Himalayas towards Mt. Everest.

Searching for Bengal tigers along the Nepal/India border; SCUBA diving in the Mediterranean, Thailand, Costa Rica and Belize; exploring the unspoiled beauty and wild animals of the Galapagos; kayaking the crystal-clear waters of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Being guests of a tribe of indigenous locals in highlands of Peru;

Walking the Great Wall in China; hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim; or just exploring the wonders of the world—all the while studying diet, lifestyle and nutrition in the many cultures and countries I’ve traveled to. When I am not traveling, I live in Boulder, Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains where I ride my bike or run up into the mountains every day that I can.


Staying young is about adopting a consistent healthy lifestyle—including a healthy diet, regular exercise, a great social network, and a positive mindset.

I feel as young and fit as I have ever been, and I am delighted that I developed these healthy habits that have served me so well. I don’t intend to slow down anytime soon! You too, can stop or reverse the aging clock by adopting new healthy lifestyle practices of regular exercise, a healthy, clean diet, and a happy, positive mindset. It is NEVER too late to start. I will show you the way!

Together with Mike Geary’s help, I have co-authored “The Fat Burning Kitchen”, “The Top 101 Anti-Aging Superfoods”, “Healthy Living Made Easy”, and “The Diabetes Fix”. Stay tuned for more great books and information from Mike Geary and I on how to become the healthiest, happiest and fittest you can be. Live your best life ever!

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