Warm Lentil, Kale & Bacon Salad

Lately I have been really liking lentils. Lentils are a power food–loaded with protein, fiber, B vitamins and iron; and the stellar health benefits of kale. And there’s bacon…

Lentil kale bacon salad lgLately I have been really enjoying lentils. Now for the die-hard Paleo/Primal folks, lentils are not on the ‘list’, but as an athlete who needs to get plenty of non-grain high quality carbs, lentils are a perfect addition. Lentils are a power food–they are loaded with protein,  fiber, B vitamins and iron.

Lentils contain more folate than most any other plant food. Besides protecting your body against heart disease and inflammation by lowering dangerous homocysteine, folate is ideal for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, as it helps prevent birth defects. And did you know that folate, combined with vitamin B6 (also in lentils) helps reduce the risk of breast cancer and other cancers.

Lentils’ high fiber makes them filling and satisfying, while keeping blood sugar low. This low calorie legume is a great dietary addition if you are trying to lose weight as well. The lentil is an easy to digest food that is helpful to those who have digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrom and diverticulosis.

Lentils contain the third highest level of protein of all legumes and nuts, so not only are they a  great slow burning carbohydrate source, but they are also an excellent source of protein.

And one of the main reasons I love lentils is their steady, slow-burning energy they provide for athletes, along with the iron which helps to transport oxygen in the body. Oh, and did I mention they taste delicious?
And of course, there is the kale, which we all know is a known ‘Superfood’. A member of the cruciferous family, it has anti-cancer, fat burning properties, along with its powerful anti-oxidants, calcium and vitamin K, among other more numerous health benefits.
There’s also turmeric in this recipe too. If you don’t know about turmeric, read more here. It’s one of the most powerful, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging spices you can use.
I used black lentils in this recipe. They are a slightly smaller, firmer lentil than the more common brown lentil you see at the grocery store, although you can use either type. Brown lentils cook relatively quickly, so don’t overcook or they will become mushy.
This recipe, that I made up on the fly, turned out surprisingly good. I may have to make it again tonight!

Warm Lentil, Kale and Bacon Salad

2 slices of thick sliced, natural (nitrite/nitrate free) bacon

4-6 good sized garlic cloves, chopped

1 cup (or so) cooked black or brown lentils

1/2 bunch of kale, chopped in small pieces

sea salt

1/2 tsp turmeric

juice of 1 fresh lemon wedge, to taste

hot pepper flakes, to taste

toasted sesame seeds, optional

In a frying pan, fry bacon until medium crisp. Remove from pan and chop or break in small pieces. Set aside. Leave about 1-2 Tbsp of the bacon grease in pan, and stir and cook garlic for a few minutes, until soft. Add chopped kale, salt, drained lentils, red pepper flakes, and turmeric. Cover with lid and cook over medium to medium-low heat for a few minutes until kale is tender. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over kale, stir and serve. Enjoy! Serves 2-4.

This can be served as a side dish or as a complete meal.





Swiss Chard and Egg Scramble

In true inspiration borne of necessity, I looked in my (pretty empty) fridge for something I could rustle up for lunch. I had a few nice stalks of Swiss Chard, a part of a red onion, some garlic, and a couple eggs…


I often get requests for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast–and this would make a great healthy breakfast. Today, however, this was my lunch. And in true inspiration borne of necessity, I looked in my (pretty empty) fridge for something I could rustle up for lunch. I had a few nice stalks of Swiss Chard, the superfood greens with a mild taste not too different from spinach; a couple of mushrooms, a part of a red onion, some garlic, and a couple eggs.

[Since I was way too hungry and gobbled mine up so fast, I didn’t get a photo, so I borrowed my friend Sonora’s picture from her website, www.oncemorewithveggies.com. She has a lot of other yummy recipes on her site too! ]


Some of the massive health benefits from Swiss Chard include:

The amazing variety of phytonutrients in chard is quickly recognizable in its vibrant colors, including the rich, dark greens in its leaves and the rainbow of reds, purples, and yellows in its stalks and veins.

Virtually all of these phytonutrients provide antioxidant benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits, or both. In addition, many provide health benefits that are more specific certain systems in the body.

Chard provides some very specific and powerful phytonutrients that regulate our body’s blood sugar, making this a valuable food item to add to meals if you are working on keeping blood sugar low and preventing or managing diabetes.

Alrighty then, it’s going to be a Swiss Chard and Egg Scramble for lunch.

Holy Cow! It was really good!!

Darn it, I meant to take a picture, but ate it too fast!

Here’s what I did…(the only thing I would change if I had it, would be to add bacon!)


2T Extra Virgin Olive Oil or butter

1/4-1/2 red onion, chopped

2 cloves of garlic, chopped

2 sliced mushrooms

2-3 leaves of fresh Swiss Chard, chopped (include white or red stalks, but chop of tough ends)

Or, use a handful or two of chopped organic spinach (read about the “Dirty Dozen” here)

1 or 2 eggs

Hot pepper flakes

Sea salt, fresh ground pepper

1/2 fresh lemon


In a pan, melt butter or add olive oil, garlic and onion over medium heat. Saute until until is soft. Add Swiss Chard and stir, about 1-2 minutes, or until it just begins to wilt. Don’t overcook! Push veggies to the sides and add to the center of pan. Scramble lightly and then stir into veggies. Add hot pepper to taste, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. I’m thinking this would have been good with a squeeze of Siracha sauce as well…

Note: if using bacon, chop and cook first until brown. Drain excess grease, and then cook as above.


Till next time,

Stay healthy and lean!



P.S. Look for the new 101 Anti-Aging Superfoods and the Anti-Aging Superfoods Recipe book due out this week! (I’m hoping Saturday!)


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