Veggie Stirfry-Scramble

my stirfryThis meal is delicious any time of the day. I sometimes have it for breakfast, as it is a nice break from eggs, but you can use up leftover meat, chicken or fish from the night before. Veggies can be whatever you are in the mood for! This particular recipe, I used salmon and made this for an eye-opening, Thai style breakfast. IT was yummy! Great fuel to run full speed on all morning! Give it a try!

Chop up green onion, nappa cabbage, carrots, red pepper, spinach or swiss chard, celery, etc. into smaller sizes. Sautee in pan in coconut oil, butter or bacon fat until tender-crisp. Add meat or fish in small bite sized chunks and heat through.

Season with a touch of soy sauce, squeeze of fresh lime or lemon, sprinkle of rice wine vinegar, hot pepper flakes or sriracha, and a sprinkle of raw sugar or 1/2 tsp of honey. Mix well, garnish with cilantro, and serve!

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