Dandelion Green Omelet and Sweet Potatoes

gk-eggs-dandelion-greens-sweet-potatoesEver eat Dandelion greens? They are delicious–with a spicy bite a little like arugula, and full of massive amounts of nutrients. Try them this way–in an omelet. Add in a little bit of (raw) goat cheese at the end and enjoy!!

Saute greens in butter until tender, add beaten eggs, cook until almost done, fold in goat cheese and serve with browned sweet potatoes. Your day will start out RIGHT with this breakfast! (toast optional)

1 thought on “Dandelion Green Omelet and Sweet Potatoes”

  1. I am trying to open the dandelion green omlet & sweet potatoes recepy but it does not happen. I paid
    for this but cannt be downloaded

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