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Confused About What to Eat?
High Carb, Low Carb?  High Fat, Low Fat?  Good Fats, Bad Fats?  Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s?  Glycemic Index?  Gluten Free? Eating healthfully and staying on top of WHAT to eat can be downright confusing! Conflicting stories come out almost daily about what to eat or what NOT to eat. How can you be sure what’s right?  If you have food allergies or sensitivities, it’s even harder to navigate what’s what.

There is Help!  There is a way to achieve effortless weight loss and optimal health – a simple, smart way to great health, nonstop energy, and weight loss.  Cat provides diet and health information you can use!

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The real secret behind weight loss and how to lose it for life, instead of constantly fighting a losing battle. Yes, there really is a simple way to do this–if you understand the real mechanism of weight gain and fat storage. Plus valuable tips about food that you probably have not heard before. This information will help you sort all the confusing information in magazines, newspapers and television.And you will get a game plan of how to get to your optimal weight, lose excess body fat, and achieve your best health ever–without hunger pangs, cravings or crazy diets you cannot stick to.

2.  A TEN day, step-by-step plan of action

3. Simple Smart Meal Plans and Recipes to get you started on the new Simple Smart Nutrition Plan. It’s Paleo.

No exotic ingredients, no difficult instructions, just delicious, simple, elegant meals that you and the whole family will love. And if you have allergies to gluten, dairy, corn or soy, these recipes will help you avoid those common allergens and food sensitivities that you may or may not even know you have, and get you on the road to optimal health, and bursting with energy!

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Simple, up to date breaking news on the latest health information. The REAL story behind the story that explains everything you need to know to eat right and sort through often confusing and conflicting diet and health information out there.

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Including my books: “The Fat Burning Kitchen”, “The Fat Burning Kitchen Superfood Recipes” (due out any day now!), “The Primarily Paleo Kitchen”, “The Flat Belly Kitchen” books on Amazon Kindle and more. I will not BUG you to buy, but when there is something I can offer you that is worthwhile and valuable, at a great price, you will be the first to know about it. Plus you can offer feedback, advice, ask questions, give your opinion and more.