Are Eggs Really As Bad As Cigarettes?

So the latest news is that if you are eating eggs, you may as well be smoking–according to the medical journal, Atheroslcerosis. Really??
Now wait a minute…what is this study all about?

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So the latest news is that if you are eating eggs, you may as well be smoking according to the medical journal, Atheroslcerosis.

Really?? Now wait a minute…what is this study all about?

Well, in a nutshell, three researchers who have close ties to the statin drug industry, studied a group of middle aged and elderly stroke patients about their diet, specifically, eggs.
The oldest members of this study group, of course reported eating the most eggs–no surprise. But the people who reported eating the most eggs also smoked the most and were the most diabetic. (Risk factors for atherslcerosis–hello?)
The scientists did try to control for other variables such as sex, blood lipid profile, smoking,  and body weight index.
But they didn’t look at other important lifestlle factors, like exercise, stress, or other dietary factors.
Did they separate out the other processed garbage in their diet that may also have contributed to the atherosclerosis?
What about dietary intake of processed sugars, starchy stuff like cookies, cakes (these contain eggs), custards, ice cream, pancakes, and processed vegetable oils and margarines?
How can you really say EGGS were the cause of the atherosclerosis? There simply is no way that a study like this can avoid the so-called ‘confounding variables.’

Now if you really wanted to do a study to see if eggs contributed to heart disease, why not take a group of non-smoking, non-drinking exercisers, who avoided starchy processed carbs, sugars and processed vegetables?

Studies like these just make me want to bang my head against the wall…

Mike Geary has an excellent article on eggs and why they are good for us.

Let’s not let a poorly done observational study (that means there has been NO scientific study was done, just observation and conclusion based on the observation, without controls for variables) sabotage your nutrition and fat burning progress.

Just remember:

Eggs and egg yolks are good for you. Go ahead and eat them.

Don’t smoke.

Get exercise.

Avoid sugar, refined grain products and vegetable oils.

Eat real food.

Relax. You are way healthier than the average Joe.

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Till next time,

Stay healthy and lean, and enjoy your (whole) eggs!


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