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Workplaces can become stressful. Life becomes stressful. When stress and poor health take over, your company loses productivity and money. Create a happy, healthy workplace by helping create happy, healthy employees.

Most insurance plans offer great financial incentives for health and wellness plans. And for good reason–your company saves money in the long run, and it pays off in a more positive energetic workplace.

Simple Smart Nutrition offers corporate wellness for large and small businesses.

Together, We Help You and Your Company:

  • Prevent Disease Through Dietary Modification and Education
  • Create Weight Loss Strategies to Meet Weight Loss and Health Goals
  • Improve Both Physical and Mental Health of Employees
  • Create a Sense of Fun and Community Through Learning and Experiences
  • Promote Employee Retention by Creating a Positive Work Atmosphere
  • Effect positive lifestyle by encouraging healthy behaviors

SSN helps foster a health-conscious workplace culture by building on current employer programs and creatively developing and integrating new initiatives that are focused on maximizing employee engagement.

We can customize a wellness program suited especially for your company and your employee health needs. Some of the program offerings include:

  • Medically backed, scientific health, nutrition, and wellness seminars
  • Fun Group Cooking Classes
  • Medical Screenings and In-Depth Individual Consultations
  • Specialized diets for: Diabetes Prevention or Healthy Maintenence, Heart Disease Prevention, Weight Loss, Cancer Prevention, Athletic Performance, Healthy Anti-Aging

Contact Catherine Ebeling RN BSN, for a customized Health and Wellness Program especially made for your company.

Catherine (Cat) EbCatEbeling1_croppedeling RN BSN, (now studying MSN/MPH) is an international health, wellness and longevity expert. In addition to her advanced degree in nursing, she has spent the last 30 years studying sustainable diets, health and nutrition all over the world. She also has 4 books including the worldwide best-seller,  “The Fat Burning Kitchen,” “The Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging”, and “The Superfoods Diabetes Reversal Diet”,  and has helped thousands of people transform their lives, lose weight and improve their health.

Her mission is to help create a healthier planet and healthier people.

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